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Want to Write a Guest Posting for Businesses Magazine 

Welcome to the perfect destination! Check out our guest post guidelines to align your pitch perfectly with what our editing team is seeking. Share your post concepts centered around the freelance writing industry—we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

As for Micheal Kott‘s initiative with Businesses Magazine 

Micheal Kott initiated Businesses Magazine with a clear objective: to serve as a central platform aiding writers in earning from their craft. The content on the site primarily assists writers in securing higher-paying opportunities, refining pitching skills, mastering the art of writing, and even becoming an author.

Our Guest Post Guidelines

We pay writers for guest posts because we believe that if a blog makes money, the people who write for it should be paid too. Since 2010, Micheal Kott has been making sure guest writers get paid, and she still does that today.

In our Guest Post Guidelines, we explain that we pay between $25 and $50 for posts. If you write longer, detailed pieces that we ask for specifically, you’ll get paid more. We take ownership of your post once we buy it, and we want the content to be original and not posted anywhere else at the same time.

Share your ideas for guest posts about these topics:

  • Blogging: Teach how to increase website visitors, grow your email list, write guest posts, improve conversion rates, and use blogging to attract freelance work. It would be great if you could support your advice with data, screenshots, and social proof.
  • Breaking into the field: Guide others on tracking down great beginning stages that compensate for amateurs’ work.
  • Copywriting: Offer tips and techniques on creating compelling titles, email crusades, lead magnets, contextual analyses, white papers, and deal duplicates that persuade individuals to make a move. 
  • Learn from editors in a particular field: have discussions with different editors and offer their experiences with us on the thing they’re searching for.
  • Ghostwriting: Discuss how to find clients for secretly composing, decide sensible charges, investigate stages interfacing journalists with clients, and shed light on the encounters of being a professional writer.
  • Juggling Responsibilities: Share personal stories about adjusting a full-time or seasonal work, really focusing on kids, overseeing family obligations, yet chasing after independent composition.
  • Making the Jump: Tips on progressing from a normal occupation to turning into a full-time specialist.
  • Market Insights: Give us the scoop on composition for explicit web-based stages and arising sites. Remember interviews with the organization and effective essayists for these platforms.
  • Marketing Strategies: Offer lead age strategies to track down independent composing potential open doors and clients. Offer showcasing tips for specialists, direction on keeping up with consistency, and exhortation on focusing on the right clients to pitch to.
  • Advancing and Earning More: Personal stories about handling your most memorable lucrative client, expanding your rates, dealing with critical activities, or venturing into better-paying composing opportunities. Also, tips on finding and persuading better clients to hire you.
  • Facing Fears: Share different perspectives, strategies, and individual encounters on defeating fears while showcasing yourself as a consultant or sharing your composition. It’s tied in with acquiring certainty regardless of misgivings.
  • Boosting Productivity: Offer new techniques, counsel, apparatuses, or bits of knowledge to oversee time better, beat delaying, remain on track, and remain spurred in your work.
  • Extensive Resources: Searching for complete posts posting 50-100 useful resources, apparatuses, or sites explicitly helpful for independent writers.
  • Self-Publishing Triumphs: We’d very much want to hear examples of overcoming adversity from scholars who are advertising and selling their digital books.
  • Social Media Wins: Share success stories from established or up-and-coming platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., focusing on successful social media marketing strategies.
  • Writing Improvement: Provide practical exercises and methods to enhance your writing skills, overcome writer’s block, find inspiration during dry spells, and generate ideas for writing topics or headlines.

Where to Send Your Pitch:

Ensure your pitch aligns with our guest post guidelines, then email it to our guest posting partner businessesesmagazine44@gmail.com

  • Can You Pitch Now?

Normally, I only consider guest post ideas from current or past members of Freelance Writers, or students/graduates of the Businesses Magazine mentoring program. Sometimes, I open up for pitches outside these programs. If you haven’t been part of these programs but want to pitch, follow my Facebook page. I announce there when I’m open to pitches from everyone.

“10 Steps to Guest Posting for Businesses Magazine”

  1. Subscribe and Engage: Start by subscribing to our blog and regularly reading it. Most successful guest posts come from our regular readers.
  2. Follow Guidelines: Read and adhere to our guest post guidelines. Many writers pitch ideas without understanding these guidelines.
  3. Pitch Your Idea: Email us your best headline and a brief outline for your proposed guest post. If we’re interested, we might suggest some changes before giving you the go-ahead.
  4. No Guarantee: Getting an assignment doesn’t guarantee publication. So, make sure your writing is top-notch.
  5. Payment and Publication: We pay upon publication at the end of the month. We often have a queue of guest posts, so it might take 8-10 weeks for your post to appear. Payments are made via PayPal at the end of the month your post is published (through Mass Pay, so there are no fees deducted), so ensure your PayPal email is correct.
  6. We buy the rights to publish your post for the first time, and we might reuse it on my other websites or in future books or e-books I create.
  7. Please don’t send pre-written posts without getting an assignment first. They won’t be read or published.
  8. We prefer guest posts between 800 to 1,200 words. However, if we assign you a specific idea from the list and agree on a longer length, that’s fine too.
  9. We don’t pay experts who want to do a guest post just before appearing on one of my webinars or podcasts or when promoting a book, course, or paid product. However, if your guest post provides fresh, helpful info for freelance writers, we might still publish it without payment in these cases.
  10. On the day your post is publish by author, please respond to comments on my Facebook. Your participation helps drive engagement and sharing. If you’re unavailable, let us know so we can reschedule your post to ensure payment isn’t affect by any mishapp.

We accept paid ads, links, or sponsored posts

If you’re from an agency or company aiming to place guest posts just for links, we will participate and agree to work for the long term. Similarly, we will accept sponsored posts with your links or requests to add links to old posts. Thank you. 

We’ll reply only if interested. Due to the high number of pitches, we can respond to all that are suitable for our blog. If you don’t hear back, consider revisiting our guidelines and improving your proposal. Many pitches have grammar errors or cover topics outside our blog’s scope. Aim to avoid these mistakes.

We wholeheartedly welcome valuable insights on how writers of all backgrounds—regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, technology updates, marketing tips, political stance, or where they’re from—can enhance their income.