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Buší: A Complete Overview of the Ancient Chinese Board Game

What is Buší?

Buší refers to a very interesting game that originated in China around 200 BC. This game is played only on a board with a grid of lines, where players take turns placing the game to create the widest and largest continuous chain. Because, this board of a grid, creates 361 intersections where the game pieces are.

The lines of gameplay are spaced evenly apart. The players use round game pieces and black and white stones. This game begins with a blank board. The players take turns placing one of their stones on many blank sections on the board. On the place, stones cannot be moved. These goals create an unbroken chain of stones that is very powerful and which have also four directions.

This game is very interesting for people. You can play this game at any time or anywhere. The players carry on the alternating turns and also build their chains, still, all the intersections have been filled or either player can extend their chain at any time. The player with the largest unbroken chain at the end of the game wins.

The complete History of Busi

The mysteries of this game run very deep. This cultural Angolan board game has been passed through the generations, but little is known about its origins. Few historians think that this game Busi developed from an Old Portuguese game called the Alquerque which is introduced to Angola in the 1500s. The game Busi evolved locally.

On the other hand, many others argue that Busi predates the colonial period and has roots in the cultural Angolan tradition. The reality may never be known. What we know about this game Busi, it has been a very important part of Angolan social existence for centuries. Relatives and Buddies gather to play this game, using stones to play this game.

This game teaches strategy and reason while bringing people together. Immense Angolans have fond memories of playing this game with their grandparents and friends. These communal intersections and existence lessons are as much an element of the game as the rules themselves. In recent times, the game Busi has gained global attention and is also a very inspired version in other countries.

On the other hand, nothing compares to playing traditional games in the homeland of Angola, where this game remains an integral element of traditional heritage and also identity. It is mysterious and maybe unsolved, But this game’s impact is clear.

Key Characteristics of Busi

Here are a few of the key characteristics of the Busi:

Strange Diet

This game eats an exclusively diet, also feeding initially on beetles and other small insects. They catch the insects on the fly with their large and sticky tongues. The strangest element of the diet though is their appetite for termites. This game uses their sharp claws to open the terminate mounds and then lap up the termites with their tongue. Their habits are crucial to controlling termite populations in their strange habits.

Unusual Sleeping Habits

The game Buší is nocturnal, meaning that they sleep during the day and are lively in the middle of the night. But the peculiar part is how they can sleep, upside down while hanging from tree branches by their feet. They can wrap their muscular tails around the branches to support themselves as they snooze the day away. The position of sleeping is thought to make them less vulnerable to predators. At night they became animated and communal with a variety of chirps and grunts.

Bizarre Appearance

With their long and large eyes bushy tails, and soft gray fur, Busi resembles a cross between an act, a monkey, and a squirrel. They have dexterous hands and feet that allow them to grip the trees. But they are not to primates. Taxonomically, this game belongs to their unique family. The most bizarre element of their appearance though is their bridge blue tongues which contrast strikingly with their guy fur.

The color of the tongues remains a mystery in the animal kingdom. However, the peculiar traits and the characteristics of the game Busi make them endlessly fascinating creatures. Because, their wonderful diets, unusual sleeping habits, and bizarre appearance continue to puzzle the captivating public all around the world. Busi is truly one of nature’s most mysterious animals.


Well, there you have it the mystery of this Busi revealed. Now a day that you know all about this unique and authentic cultural phenomenon, and you will never look at this similar method again. Whether you end up creating your personal DIY Busi or just an original and authentic appreciation for spotting them around town, this will become a familiar element of your world.

Keep your eyes open and enjoy discovering the whimsical works of Busi art and agriculture that are sure to pop up in the most unexpected locations. The quirky creativity of Busi is meant to bring a little fun and wonder into our everyday lives.

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