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Discover the Delights of Napolità

What Is Napolità? Defining the Unique Neapolitan Pizza Style

Napolità recommends a good style of Neapolitan pizza that is made in Naples, Italy. This tasty pie is given shape by a thin, dough stretched by hand and on top with fresh ingredients like San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil.

The outside is soft, light, and foldable, not crunchy. It’s made from simple ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, and water. The dough is squeezed and shapes are given by hand, then baked in a full hot wood which is burning in the oven for just 60-90 seconds.

The tomato sauce is mostly made from canned San Marzano tomatoes from Italy, crushed by hand, and made simply with salt. No herbs are added so the fresh tomato flavor can shine through and taste good.

Mozzarella di bufala, made from the milk of Italian water buffalo, is the only cheese used. It melts perfectly in the hot oven and adds a crazy creaminess.

The only other additions are fresh basil, olive oil, and sometimes cow cheese. The things may be in low quantity, but the flavors are in maximum quantity.

A good Neapolitan pizza should be eaten within no time, folded in half, with your hands. The crust won’t support too many things on top, so keep it simple.

Napolità is a food tradition recognized by UNESCO as the part that can not touch the cultural legacy of humanity. Once you taste a perfect Neapolitan pizza, you’ll understand why. The awesome combination of a perfect exterior, flavorful sauce, and fresh toppings creates a pizza experience. No wonder Napolità has had a good experience for over 300 years!

The History and Origins of Napolità Pizza

Napolità pizza starts in Naples, Italy, and has a good history dating back to the 16th century. According to legend, the first pizza was created in Naples when the local chef ran out of ingredients and had to make something special for hungry customers. He spread tomato sauce on flatbread, spread cheese on top, and fresh basil, and the pizza was born!

The Classic Styles

Two classic Napolità pizza styles joined: pizza marinara with just tomato sauce, garlic, and oregano, and pizza Margherita with tomato sauce. Mozzarella cheese and fresh basil are also in the pizza. The Margherita’s name was given to Queen Margherita, who fell in love with the pizza on a visit to Naples in 1889. These pies are simple but delicious pies highlighting the region’s fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Over time, Napolità Pizza became famous all over the world and was recognized easily. In 2017, the art of making Napolità pizza was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural is famous in Humanity. If you get a chance to visit Naples, you absolutely must try a perfect pizza from one of the historic pizzerias in the city – there’s nothing quite like it! The main food’s chewy yet crisp outside, made from soft dough for 24-48 hours, and the flavorful San Marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese all contribute to the unique taste of Napolità pizza.

The Ingredients That Make Napolità So Special

Napolità owes its distinctive character to several special ingredients.

Artisanal Technique

Pizza makers employ an artisanal technique refined over generations. The dough is kneaded and left to rise for at least 24 hours to develop its distinctive, chewy, crisp crust. The pizzas are cooked for 60-90 seconds in a 900°F wood-burning oven, blistering the crust while keeping the centre soft. This combination of a long rise and quick bake gives Napolità pizza its trademark light, and equality of signs.

Napolità captures the essence of pizza as it was meant to be, from its artisanal methods to premium ingredients to its authentic Neapolitan spirit. One bite of its meltingly tender crust, tangy tomato sauce, and creamy mozzarella, and you’ll understand why Naples’ gift to the world has endured.

Where to Find Authentic Napolità Pizza

When in Naples, the only way to have a good experience with Napolità pizza is to visit a traditional pizza hut. Look for places with a wood-burning oven, a simple menu, and a casual atmosphere. Some recommendations:

Pizzeria da Michele

This historic pizzeria opened in 1870 and still uses the original oven. They offer two types of pizza: margarita and marinara. It’s all about quality over quantity here. Go early or expect a long wait, as this popular spot usually has a line out the door.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

If the line at da Michele is too daunting, head to its sister restaurant just down the street. They use the same recipe and ingredients as the original but in a larger space, so you’ll have an easier time getting a table.

Pizzeria Starita

Starita family started in 1901, this pizza hut is known for its fried pizza and use of quality local ingredients. They were among the first pizzerias to be awarded the True Neapolitan Pizza certification. Also, the casual, lively atmosphere will make you feel like part of the family.

Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro

For over 60 years, Pizzeria Trianon has been serving classic pizzas in a wood-burning oven. They’re known for their pizza frittata, fried pizza dough filled with ricotta and salami. Also, the restaurant walls are protected with pics of famous viewers, a testament to their popularity. Expect large crowds, especially on weekends.

Aside from pizzerias, look for pizza al taglio, selling at small shops and bakeries. Also, grab a few slices of whatever looks good and enjoy your snack on the go like a true Neapolitan. From upscale restaurants to hole-in-the-wall spots, pizza is everywhere in Naples, so do some exploring and buon appetito!

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