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Mehndi Design: Elevate your Occasions with Artistry

What is Mehndi Design?

When the events come like festivals and wedding seasons, the initial thing that comes to our mind is Mehndi Design. On the other hand, the most famous and traditional art in India is Mehndi; without the design, everything feels incomplete whether it is an occasion, wedding, fair, or any standard celebration.

Especially when it comes to functions there is no single event of an event completed without a fashionable full-hand Mehndi design. If you need a simple and easy backhand design of Mehndi, then think of something apart from the flowery design. Also, try something only one of its kind such as swirls, curves, and other designs that are listed down will support you in making other beautiful designs and pull towards your pieces.

Steps for Back Hand Mehndi Design

Back Hand Mehndi is very simple and easy to draw the designs and there is nothing solid about it. On the other hand, anyone can draw the design easily if interested. By dependable performance, you can be taught this. Every girl should know how to put Mehndi in their hands and trust me knowing Mehndi is a very simple and easy task. However, if you don’t know how to put Mehndi on your hands, then you do not need to be anxious about this.

Below are the main steps that will be cooperative for you to be taught how to put backhand Mehndi design:

Step 1:

You can draw flowers on top of the second circle and fill out the outer line of the fourth round and also sketch flowers on the outermost circles and cover up with one more external line as shown.

Step 2:

Now you fill the fingertips with Mehndi and also sketch the outer lines. On the other hand, start always with a very easy and simple design and little cut pieces and you should start with basics initially. Also, draw little designs, flowers, names, and a few easy and other little arts that you believe are simple for you to put into practice and also for you it is much as you can to make it intelligibility.

On the other hand, you have to perform many, and after much and enough performance you can go ahead with clarity. Before many performances, you can also be intelligent to design exclusive and good-looking designs.

Some Types of Mehndi Design

Well, there are a lot of backhand Mehndi designs that a girl can opt for but as you asked for a very easy and beautiful design, there are many easy and simple designs of Mehndi that look beautiful on the backhand.

Diamond form design of backhand Mehndi

The backhand design is for you if you are the one who prefers to have an easy yet fashionable design than an elaborate one. While fingers with an outline and space approximately the diamond is left empty and that is what makes it look fashionable.

Arabic Design

The Arabic design consists of a flowery pattern and looks fashionable as well as dazzling on the backdrop. There are a lot of variations that you attempt under the Arabic design.

Modern Jewelry Design

The modern design of jewelry is fairly trending nowadays as it looks very easy yet beautiful on the backhand. On the other hand, you select your design of Mehndi according to your taste in jewelry.

Arabic Fusion Design

The Arabic fusion design is a mixture is Arabic and culture. While it is a combination, it is considered an exclusive design that looks very easy and beautiful design on the background. While cultural design covers approximately half the hand and Arabic covers fingers and palms.

Exquisite Mehndi Design

So, if you are looking for cultural design of Mehndi. Also, the exquisite design can be the perfect design for your hands. As well as it is again a combination of Indian and contemporary. Design of Mehndi that makes it look pleasing to the eye.

Mandala Style

The girls prefer to have Mandala Mehndi style for an extended time. On the other hand, you make this design easy or an elaborated one as per your preferences.

Tabla, Dholki, and Shehnai Designs

All the wedding tools just as tabla, Dholki, and many other tools are depicted. In the designs of Mehndi with the symbol of worship “Taj Mahal.” While backhand easy design with all these types of tools gives a very attractive look.

Bridal Mehndi

One of the very significant aspects of a wedding or marriage is backhand Mehndi for the bridal, girls, and relatives. The design of Mehndi for the bridal is special and every bridal wants her wedding. Mehndi to be astonishing so that she will look very pretty.


There are few choices for a woman to select from and even more options. To gain inspiration from when it comes to selecting the best design for you. On the other hand, wearing backhand designs with dissimilar curves and cuts. Has now become a trend for all women and girls.

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