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What documents are required for Umrah visa?

Umrah is a modest and voluntary pilgrimage that any eligible Muslim is able and financially capable of performing Umrah to receive Allah Almighty’s blessings and favors. Pilgrims who intend to perform this religious obligation must first get an Umrah visa, which is one prerequisite for visiting Saudi Arabia. You have to understand about the Umrah visa, including the requirements, expenses, and how to apply. Cheap Umrah packages are required if you want to travel on a budget.

Understanding of Umrah visa?

An Umrah visa is a legal document that allows Muslims to board flights to the holy Kabbah for the small pilgrimage known as Umrah. The validity length of the visa to perform Umrah has recently increased from one month to three months, according to recent events.

Holders of an Umrah visa are permitted to enter Saudi Arabia for a limited time to undertake Umrah rites such as seeing the Kaaba and completing Tawaf, and Sa’i (walking between the Safa and Marwa hills). To get an Umrah visa, a person must go via an authorized travel agent. 

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Proof of Muslim identification, such as a passport or certificate of birth, along with proof of aptitude, is required. Enough money to cover their expenses in Saudi Arabia and Umrah Packages are the finest option for you.

Application for a Visa

Only a certified travel agent may arrange Hajj and Umrah visas. Your booking agent will submit your visa application, with the passport and other relevant papers, to the Saudi embassy on your behalf. The Saudi embassy will issue the visa.

The visa’s validity period begins on the date of issuance.

  • The forms must be completed in black ink with block capital letters. 
  • The declaration at the bottom of the booking form is to be carefully reviewed and signed. 
  • The paperwork should be stamped and signed by an authorized travel agency. 
  • A request for a visa form may be acquired by mail from the Saudi Consulate in your area.

How can you apply for an Umrah visa?

It is possible to receive an Umrah visa without purchasing a package. These visas are typically obtained through travel agencies, but it is challenging for someone applying straight to the Saudi Arabian embassy.

Steps to be taken…

  • Read through the list of necessary documents.
  • Schedule a fingerprint/biometric registration appointment.
  • Obtain and save the confirmation of meningitis/umrah vaccine vaccination.
  • Compile paperwork and deliver it to the agent who booked the trip.
  • Documents required for applying through an agent
  • Authentic passports, with a validity period of more than six months. 
  • With an Arabic name, you may need to obtain a letter from your local Masjid to confirm your Muslim status, if you are a revert (convert) or have a native name).

If you have citizenship from a nation other than the one to which your passport is issued, you must have a residence visa or a long-term visa in that country that is active for longer than three months. 

  • Identification document from the country in which you are applying.
  • Letter of authorization from your employer.
  • You must have an Umrah vaccination and a certificate. 
  • It should have taken no fewer than ten days and no exceeding three years to complete. It is a meningitis vaccine. 
  • Obtaining your fingerprints/biometrics from an embassy or authorized body.
  • Single women are not permitted until they’re forty-five years old or older and journey with an agency that has a NOC from a male guardian.
  • Marriage or birth document for ladies (wife, mother, or sister) and kids traveling with a male mahram.
  • Two passport-sized photos.
  • A plane ticket.
  • Hotel reservations.

Online Umrah visa application

The Saudi government has developed an electronic tool that allows Umrah candidates to receive their Umrah visa in less than 24 hours. Umrah applicants from all around the world can now apply directly or apply for Ramdan Umrah packages from a reputed travel agency. 

After acquiring the application reference number, candidates can sign in online visa platform to finalize and print their visas. The Umrah visa’s validity period has also been increased from 1 to 3 months. The present arrangement also permits pilgrims to travel easily within the Kingdom without restrictions.

Furthermore, according to the most recent update from the Saudi ministry, travelers can receive an electronic visa for Umrah. Umrah applicants can also ask for the help of an authorized travel service in their home nations to get an Umrah visa.

Rules to follow during Umrah

The Saudi ministry has established a policy requiring Umrah pilgrims to finish their pilgrimage activities within a three-hour.

  • Pilgrims are also required to leave the mosque grounds after their entry permits expire, and they are instructed not to bring any bags onto the site while performing the rituals.
  • In a momentous advancement, the Saudi authorities have relaxed the age limit for Umrah, allowing Muslims beyond the age of 65 to participate in the trip. 
  • Furthermore, women travelers have the right to go to the Kingdom with no male guardian.

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