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Who is Tamisie Honey: Weaving Wisdom Through Loss and Legacy

Tamisie Honey. The name itself whispers wisdom, an aged tapestry interwoven with threads of life’s triumphs and losses. At 70, her eyes flicker with the embers of farewells, each wrinkle a testament to loved ones who’ve passed through the final curtain. Yet, from the ashes of grief, a phoenix rises – DeathWise. An organization birthed from Tamisie’s unwavering mission: to illuminate the path into mortality, to weave open dialogue where silence once reigned, and to ensure the final wishes of departing souls resonate long after their passing. This is her story, one etched in compassion, courage, and a fierce determination to guide others through the shadowed valleys of loss. Welcome to the tapestry of Tamisie Honey.

Standing at the Crossroads 

Tamisie Honey, her brow etched with the wisdom of life’s triumphs and trials, stands at the intersection of life and death. At 70, her eyes reflect the embers of loss, each furrow a chapter in the story of loved ones departed. The recent whispers of farewell from family members ignited a burning desire within her, a mission to illuminate the path for others navigating the shadows of mortality.

Roots and Threads 

Though her current canvas lies in Menlo Park, California, at 391 Hedge Road, the roots of Tamisie’s purpose delve deeper. Her professional life echoes with the vibrant threads of supporting nascent companies, guiding their dreams into flourishing realities. Yet, it is her community service that truly reveals the tapestry of her soul. Like a dedicated redwood sentinel, she has stood unwavering in her commitment to those around her.

The Tapestry of Roles 

But it is within the constellation of daughter, sister, and mother that Tamisie’s wisdom truly shines. Witnessing the twilight descend upon loved ones sparked a fierce empathy, a refusal to let their unspoken wishes fade into the void. She recognized the agonizing silence that shrouded end-of-life decisions, the regrets that lingered like unvoiced melodies.

Birth of DeathWise 

From the ashes of grief, a beacon arose: DeathWise. This potent name became a testament to Tamisie’s mission, a platform born from loss but aiming to illuminate clarity. As a board director, she envisions the company as a weaver of understanding, bridging the gap between life’s final whispers and the honoring of those desires.

Empowering Voices 

She dreams of providing the loom and threads for weaving vibrant tapestries of end-of-life decisions. No longer will wishes lie dormant, tangled in the knots of fear and procrastination. The company aims to empower individuals to articulate their desires, and to leave behind blueprints for final journeys tailored to their hearts’ whispers.

Beyond Paperwork 

Tamisie’s ambition transcends mere paperwork and legalities. She seeks to infuse the process with compassion, transforming the hushed whispers about death into open dialogues of acceptance. She envisions communities where families embrace the inevitable with courage and love, replacing deafening silence with open conversations.

A Personal Crusade 

This is not just a professional calling for Tamisie; it’s a deeply personal crusade. She honors the memories of those who have passed, giving voice to their silent wishes. Her legacy is not built in silver or stone, but in the comfort of open conversations, in the solace of fulfilled desires.

The Weaver of Wisdom 

Tamisie Honey, the weaver of wisdom and advocate for understanding, stands at the precipice of a transformative mission. Her tapestry, though born from threads of loss, shimmers with the promise of a brighter future. A future where death is not a shrouded foe, but a well-lit path, paved with love and respect for the wishes of those we cherish.


Though Tamisie’s heart sang in service and wisdom, her professional tapestry wasn’t devoid of accolades. Early-stage companies bloomed under her nurturing touch, each a vibrant feather in her cap. Boards of directors welcomed her keen mind and unwavering dedication. Whispers of “Pioneer,” “Visionary,” and “Catalyst” followed her through hushed conference rooms, her achievements resonating long after the applause faded. Yet, for Tamisie, the truest validation lay not in trophies or titles, but in the whispers of gratitude from communities she touched, the smiles of families she empowered, and the solace she brought to hearts navigating the shadows of loss. In her eyes, these were the awards that truly mattered, woven into the fabric of her soul.


As Tamisie stands poised at the helm of DeathWise, her gaze stretches beyond the horizon of personal loss. She envisions a world where conversations about death bloom like vibrant wildflowers, replacing the fearsome thorns of silence with whispers of love and understanding. She imagines communities embracing the twilight with open arms, where families navigate the shadows hand-in-hand, guided by the torch of open dialogue. 

This is her legacy, not etched in stone but woven into the tapestry of every life she touches. Tamisie Honey, the weaver of wisdom, the bridge between life and death, stands tall, a testament to the enduring power of love and loss to illuminate even the darkest of paths. So let the conversations begin, let the wishes be heard, let Tamisie’s tapestry of understanding unfurl and cast its radiant light upon us all.

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